There is much talk about todays Air Jordan shoes and their “fakes.” Fake Air Jordan’s have been around for quite a while, but each year they are looking better and better. If you are not careful and don’t look for the signs of a fake shoe, you can easily make the mistake of buying fake ones for a ridiculous price. One of the best-looking fakes on the market these days are copies of the 11’s. The 11’s are a very popular shoe and, like I mentioned in my previous blog post, there are also the Breds and the space jams. With those both being the most popular 11’s there are many pairs of fakes that people try and sell and often times they do. Unfortunately some fakes have gotten to look so good that many people choose to buy them instead of the real shoes because they are much cheaper. A true sneakerhead that knows his shoes can easily spot a fake pair of shoes but to the everyday consumer these shoes look just like the real ones and take away from the exclusiveness and glory of wearing the shoe. It’s not my business to tell people how to spend their money but if I were to give them one piece of advice it would be not to wear fake shoes.



-Henry Russell



Nike Air Foamposite “GALAXY”

The Nike Air Foamposite shoe that first came out in 1997 has since been a shoe that has dominated the hype beast shoe market. Ever since they released in 1997 at $180 they have released with many cool colors and themes but the prices of the shoes has increased tremendously. Like any popular and expensive shoe in the Nike or Air Jordan line, the foamposite has special remakes of the shoe that adds to its overall hype. The most exclusive copy of the foamposite shoe is by far the “Galaxy edition.”

The Nike Air Foamposite Galaxy’s caused people to camp outside stores for many days and the shoe crashed websites in a matter of seconds when they released at midnight of February 24, 2012. The shoes released at a price of $220 and were being re-sold for as much as $1,600. That is crazy! However an interesting fact about these shoes is that they were displayed on the cover of the daily news newspaper. Unfortunately for people looking to buy them resold, they were not going to get anywhere near a reasonable price for them. In fact if I were looking to buy them at a resold price I would be pretty mad at the Daily News. The shoe already had enough hype around it and putting the shoe on the cover of the daily news only made it that much more appealing to re-buyers city wide and gave re-sellers an excuse to raise the prices. The Hype was too much.  Don’t get me wrong, these shoes are fire, but they fall under the same category at the Air Yeezy shoe and that is very much out of many people’s price range. If you have an opportunity to cop, COP, if you of course have the money to spend. They are extremely rare to find and the hype is simply too damn high.

– Henry Russell


OG’s and Retro’s

Going back to when the AIR JORDAN brand was first started by none other than Michael Jordan when the first copy of sneakers came out they were the original air Jordan shoe that Michael Jordan himself, played in. Ever since he released his first pair of Jordan 1’s in 1985 he has created a numerous amount of shoes and now that the company is sold to Nike, they re-release a different shoe every couple of years and these are known at Retro’s. Retro’s are copies of the OG’s (originals) with just slight variations such as material and coloring.

For example, the 1995 Bred 11’s compared to the 2012 Bred 11’s have significant differences that separate one another from OG and retro. For starters you can feel that the material on OG bred 11’s is much more real and authentic. Meaning the leather is a lot heavier. Also the carbon fiber on the OG’s is an aspect that many favor when compared to the carbon fiber on the 2012’s. It’s more defined and looks a lot less painted on. The mesh on the OG’s feels a lot thicker and nicer than the 2012’s. The mesh on the 2012’s can bend easier.  Finally the jump man is also different when the shoes are compared. The Jordan sign on the OG’s is a lot fatter where as it is a lot skinnier on the 2012’s. Although that seems like such a small detail, it is just one of the subtle ways you can tell the OG bred shoe from the 2012 shoe. In writing this blog post I hope that I have further educated those who were unclear of the differences in the Bred 11 shoe. I also hope this helps you not only differentiate the 11’s but also OG’s from Retro’s. The quality of the OG shoe will always be nicer and if you have the opportunity to buy one or the other I suggest you go with the OG’s. They may cost you a lot more but if the money isn’t the issue for you it’s a fantastic buy and one that is very rare to find these days.




—- Henry Russell

Air Yeezy 2 “Redout”

Kanye is at it again. Kanye West, an iconic figure in both the rap world, as well as the fashion world, released his own brand of Nike shoes known as Yeezys. The first set of Yeezys dropped back in 2009, coming in three different colorways: Zen, Tans, and Blinks. His brand shoe exploded, and the price of his shoe, which retailed at 200 dollars on release day, skyrocketed to around 1000-1500 dollars per pair after they had sold out in stores. Last year, Kanye dropped his second edition of the Yeezys, Yeezy IIs. The Yeezy IIs, unlike the Yeezy I’s came in only two colorways, solars and platinums. The Yeezy IIs had an even more smashing success than its predecessors. People camped out for up to weeks before the drop in front of stores waiting for the shoes to drop. On launch day, after the stored had sold out, the shoes priced as high as 2,500 dollars per pair, and after a few months after the release, now hover for around 1,500 dollars.

Last week, Kanye announced he is adding another colorway to the Yeezy IIs. Rumored as being called “Redouts” the new shoe features a completely red colorway. The shoe is completely mesh, compared to the mesh and snake print style of its predecessors. Is Yeezy trying to create his own version of the highly coveted all red Louis Vuitton Dons? This blogger thinks so. Rumors also spread that Kanye might drop an all black colorway as well, although it has not been confirmed.

The shoe is announced to be released later this year, although there has not been a confirmed release date. Many avid shoe lovers will wait eagerly in lines and on their computers to try and buy their own pair of the “Redouts” for retail price on launch day, before the price will skyrocket to close to 3,000 dollars.

-Max Geistfeld


The Shoe of Zen

The Roshe Run shoe, created by Dylan Raasch, was created in 2010 and released on the market in 2011. This unique and comfortable shoe caught the attention of sneaker heads instantly. According to Dylan, his goal was to design a shoe at a $70 price point while also Making the shoe stylish which became a challenge at first but when looking to the success of the shoe now, the hard work has definatley paid off.

The major concept around the Roshe run shoe that is so attractive is how comfortable and cheap it is, and that is no mistake. Dylan, in an interview with Arron Phillips, stated that he based the shoe off “zen.” He said that zen and meditation is a big part of his everyday life and is something very important to him. In fact the name of the shoe, roshe run, was inspired by a zen master named Roshi. Dylan thought thier was no better name to give the shoe than to name it after a zen master who captures the essence of peace and simplicity. Another interesting factor about the shoe is that the bottom is designed to look like stepping stones to a zen garden contributig even more to the comfortable look of the shoe.

If you havent already looked into to picking up your own pair of nike Roshe Run sneakers you should do so right away. Thier unique new colorways make them stylish, comfortable, and most of all, cheap! A combination one can rarely find.

– Henry Russell


The death of the shoe game, or a possible renewal

To many people who love shoes, who are commonly known as “shoe heads,” or “sneaker heads,” the shoe game is a constantly changing environment. To many veteran lovers of shoes, they believe that the shoe game is on a painstakingly slow path to destruction. As many of the popular shoe brands such as Air Jordan, Nike, Asics, and New Balance continue to expand their market and products, many veteran lovers of shoes now struggle to get the new releases of many shoes due to the immense amount of new shoe lovers in the game, as well as resellers. Many people these days buy shoes that have recently released for retail price, and after the shoe goes out of stock, sell them for a higher price for a profit. In some cases resellers will sell the released shoe for over double the price, and with enough shoe resellers, many marketplaces other than retail stores are flooded with the prices charged by the resellers, forcing many shoe lovers to pay the gargantuan prices made by the resellers.

Although to many veteran shoe lovers the shoe game is on its last legs due to the increasing amount of resellers, to many new shoe lovers, each release is making the shoe game better than it has ever been. The increase in shoe releases has ushered in a new wave of shoe lovers, and is slowly forcing some of the older shoe lovers out of the game, who have been in for years and have grown to love the classic “kicks” compared to the newly released ones.

It is a sad sight to see so many veteran shoe heads forced out of the game, but the new wave of sneaker heads has brought upon a new age of the shoe game. This blogger is excited to see where the shoe game will go. Will resellers ultimately take over the marketplace, or will there be a resurgence of the old shoe lovers, reclaiming to them was the once glorious days when shoes were not impossible to get in stores when they release?

-Max Geistfeld


Random Access Memories

With less than a week before the release of their fourth studio album, Random Access Memories, Daft Punk has been the topic of conversation for music lovers of all genres. 3 years since their last studio album, the soundtrack to the movie Tron: Legacy, Daft Punk has remained unseen on the radar until their announcement of their latest album. Known as the trendsetters of music, Daft Punk has influenced and shaped many artists such as Skrillex, Avicii, Armin Van Buuren, and many other upcoming house and electronic artists. Daft Punk in a recent interview announced that its upcoming album will be nothing like the others, and that they are “stepping outside of their comfort zone.” Another album that will pave the way for many new types of artists? I think so.

Random Access Memories is going to be one of the most influential and biggest albums of the year. One of the most impressive things about Daft Punk’s upcoming album is how well they have been able to keep it under wraps. Next to the one single they released, Get Lucky, no information about the upcoming album has been released. With a set release date of May 21 many dedicated listeners are clearing their schedules to prepare themselves for Daft Punk’s new album. This blogger sure is ready for another revolution in music, and Daft Punk will surely not disappoint.

-Max Geistfeld