The death of the shoe game, or a possible renewal

To many people who love shoes, who are commonly known as “shoe heads,” or “sneaker heads,” the shoe game is a constantly changing environment. To many veteran lovers of shoes, they believe that the shoe game is on a painstakingly slow path to destruction. As many of the popular shoe brands such as Air Jordan, Nike, Asics, and New Balance continue to expand their market and products, many veteran lovers of shoes now struggle to get the new releases of many shoes due to the immense amount of new shoe lovers in the game, as well as resellers. Many people these days buy shoes that have recently released for retail price, and after the shoe goes out of stock, sell them for a higher price for a profit. In some cases resellers will sell the released shoe for over double the price, and with enough shoe resellers, many marketplaces other than retail stores are flooded with the prices charged by the resellers, forcing many shoe lovers to pay the gargantuan prices made by the resellers.

Although to many veteran shoe lovers the shoe game is on its last legs due to the increasing amount of resellers, to many new shoe lovers, each release is making the shoe game better than it has ever been. The increase in shoe releases has ushered in a new wave of shoe lovers, and is slowly forcing some of the older shoe lovers out of the game, who have been in for years and have grown to love the classic “kicks” compared to the newly released ones.

It is a sad sight to see so many veteran shoe heads forced out of the game, but the new wave of sneaker heads has brought upon a new age of the shoe game. This blogger is excited to see where the shoe game will go. Will resellers ultimately take over the marketplace, or will there be a resurgence of the old shoe lovers, reclaiming to them was the once glorious days when shoes were not impossible to get in stores when they release?

-Max Geistfeld



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