The Shoe of Zen

The Roshe Run shoe, created by Dylan Raasch, was created in 2010 and released on the market in 2011. This unique and comfortable shoe caught the attention of sneaker heads instantly. According to Dylan, his goal was to design a shoe at a $70 price point while also Making the shoe stylish which became a challenge at first but when looking to the success of the shoe now, the hard work has definatley paid off.

The major concept around the Roshe run shoe that is so attractive is how comfortable and cheap it is, and that is no mistake. Dylan, in an interview with Arron Phillips, stated that he based the shoe off “zen.” He said that zen and meditation is a big part of his everyday life and is something very important to him. In fact the name of the shoe, roshe run, was inspired by a zen master named Roshi. Dylan thought thier was no better name to give the shoe than to name it after a zen master who captures the essence of peace and simplicity. Another interesting factor about the shoe is that the bottom is designed to look like stepping stones to a zen garden contributig even more to the comfortable look of the shoe.

If you havent already looked into to picking up your own pair of nike Roshe Run sneakers you should do so right away. Thier unique new colorways make them stylish, comfortable, and most of all, cheap! A combination one can rarely find.

– Henry Russell



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