Air Yeezy 2 “Redout”

Kanye is at it again. Kanye West, an iconic figure in both the rap world, as well as the fashion world, released his own brand of Nike shoes known as Yeezys. The first set of Yeezys dropped back in 2009, coming in three different colorways: Zen, Tans, and Blinks. His brand shoe exploded, and the price of his shoe, which retailed at 200 dollars on release day, skyrocketed to around 1000-1500 dollars per pair after they had sold out in stores. Last year, Kanye dropped his second edition of the Yeezys, Yeezy IIs. The Yeezy IIs, unlike the Yeezy I’s came in only two colorways, solars and platinums. The Yeezy IIs had an even more smashing success than its predecessors. People camped out for up to weeks before the drop in front of stores waiting for the shoes to drop. On launch day, after the stored had sold out, the shoes priced as high as 2,500 dollars per pair, and after a few months after the release, now hover for around 1,500 dollars.

Last week, Kanye announced he is adding another colorway to the Yeezy IIs. Rumored as being called “Redouts” the new shoe features a completely red colorway. The shoe is completely mesh, compared to the mesh and snake print style of its predecessors. Is Yeezy trying to create his own version of the highly coveted all red Louis Vuitton Dons? This blogger thinks so. Rumors also spread that Kanye might drop an all black colorway as well, although it has not been confirmed.

The shoe is announced to be released later this year, although there has not been a confirmed release date. Many avid shoe lovers will wait eagerly in lines and on their computers to try and buy their own pair of the “Redouts” for retail price on launch day, before the price will skyrocket to close to 3,000 dollars.

-Max Geistfeld



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