OG’s and Retro’s

Going back to when the AIR JORDAN brand was first started by none other than Michael Jordan when the first copy of sneakers came out they were the original air Jordan shoe that Michael Jordan himself, played in. Ever since he released his first pair of Jordan 1’s in 1985 he has created a numerous amount of shoes and now that the company is sold to Nike, they re-release a different shoe every couple of years and these are known at Retro’s. Retro’s are copies of the OG’s (originals) with just slight variations such as material and coloring.

For example, the 1995 Bred 11’s compared to the 2012 Bred 11’s have significant differences that separate one another from OG and retro. For starters you can feel that the material on OG bred 11’s is much more real and authentic. Meaning the leather is a lot heavier. Also the carbon fiber on the OG’s is an aspect that many favor when compared to the carbon fiber on the 2012’s. It’s more defined and looks a lot less painted on. The mesh on the OG’s feels a lot thicker and nicer than the 2012’s. The mesh on the 2012’s can bend easier.  Finally the jump man is also different when the shoes are compared. The Jordan sign on the OG’s is a lot fatter where as it is a lot skinnier on the 2012’s. Although that seems like such a small detail, it is just one of the subtle ways you can tell the OG bred shoe from the 2012 shoe. In writing this blog post I hope that I have further educated those who were unclear of the differences in the Bred 11 shoe. I also hope this helps you not only differentiate the 11’s but also OG’s from Retro’s. The quality of the OG shoe will always be nicer and if you have the opportunity to buy one or the other I suggest you go with the OG’s. They may cost you a lot more but if the money isn’t the issue for you it’s a fantastic buy and one that is very rare to find these days.




—- Henry Russell


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