There is much talk about todays Air Jordan shoes and their “fakes.” Fake Air Jordan’s have been around for quite a while, but each year they are looking better and better. If you are not careful and don’t look for the signs of a fake shoe, you can easily make the mistake of buying fake ones for a ridiculous price. One of the best-looking fakes on the market these days are copies of the 11’s. The 11’s are a very popular shoe and, like I mentioned in my previous blog post, there are also the Breds and the space jams. With those both being the most popular 11’s there are many pairs of fakes that people try and sell and often times they do. Unfortunately some fakes have gotten to look so good that many people choose to buy them instead of the real shoes because they are much cheaper. A true sneakerhead that knows his shoes can easily spot a fake pair of shoes but to the everyday consumer these shoes look just like the real ones and take away from the exclusiveness and glory of wearing the shoe. It’s not my business to tell people how to spend their money but if I were to give them one piece of advice it would be not to wear fake shoes.



-Henry Russell



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