Is the Hype Really Worth It?

The LA local skate shop Supreme made its big debut back in 2006 when many skaters and iconic figures of the skating culture such as Tyler the Creator started to wear many of their items. Since it’s birth the Supreme clothing line has entered into a Renaissance Age that has not stopped. In the last 5 years, Supreme went from being a local skate shop located on Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, to being a global iconic clothing store. With Supreme’s fame skyrocketing, so did many of its prices. Shirts that used to cost 30 dollars a piece back in the days of its inception, now sell for hundreds of dollars retail price. Dedicated fans of the Supreme clothing line are now often disappointed with the company and are quickly losing faith due to the ever increasing hype of the clothing. People now spend days on the lines outside many of the Supreme stores in Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo, waiting for next season’s collection to drop. At this rate the company will face a large problem with whether it will allow its items to keep skyrocketing and lose many of its faithful original followers, or allow the hype of the company to whisk it away, and succumb itself to the masses of “hyped” and “popular” companies that overcharge for their clothing items. This blogger hopes to see the famed company return to its humble roots.

-Max Geistfeld


Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte III Recent Release

Ronnie Fieg is at it again with another collaboration with Asics. The new collaboration features two shoes, “New York City” and “Miami Beach.” The new Gel Lyte III’s were possibly the biggest drop of the year. Dropping only in select stores such as Kith NY and Kith BK people lined up waiting hours, and for some even days, for the drop. For those patient people waiting at the Kith store in Brooklyn for days at the front of the line, Kith BK rewarded them a limited edition Kith x NYC windbreaker that followed the color scheme of the Ronnie Fieg x Asics Miami Beach. The New York City Gel Lyte III features the New York Knicks iconic blue and orange with a white base, while the Miami Beach Gel Lyte III features the classic turquoise and orange with a white base as well, the classic colors of many Miami teams, such as the Miami dolphins. To this blogger, the recent Ronnie Fieg x Asics collaboration was the hottest drop of the year, and will become a grail among shoe collectors. I know I will be securing a pair before it’s too late.

-Max Geistfeld


Nike Barkley Posite Max “Suns

The Barkley Posite’s, inspired by Charles Barkley, have become an increasingly more popular shoe over the past few years. Their retro look along with their awesome new color ways creates a comfortable and eye catching shoe.The new purple and orange color way references the time period when Charles Barkley played for the Phoenix suns. Similar to his last shoe, the “76’ers,” that commemorate his time on the Philadelphia 76’ers, this new color way carries meaning and style that, when released this weekend,attracted the love and money of sneaker lovers word wide.

– Henry Russell

Nike Barkley Posite Max "Phoenix Suns"

Nike Barkley Posite Max “Phoenix Suns”